Public Response: Men are Idiots Series

Men are Idiots Public Response | leave it to Joy

Well – it has been done. People have responded to my Men are Idiots Series. Most of them not agreeing with my complaints, which definitely surprised me. Here are some comments that I received:

  • From a woman: “Joy that is not bad”
  • From a man: “they are just trying to make your day”
  • From a man:they don’t expect sex”
  • From a woman: “shut up and stop complaining that people still tell you you’re pretty”
  • From a woman: “must be nice”

You can find the series here: Part I, Part II, and Part III.

This got me thinking. What put me off so bad about these interactions? I think its all about the location. Do you expect someone in an airport to tell you you’re beautiful after you’ve been up since 2 AM? or on your way to the gym after a stressful day of work? the answer is no. Do you expect it at a party when you got all dolled up? yes. I’m also pretty irritable when I’m travelling which probably doesn’t help.

I also think that the delivery style was just bad. If you want to make a girls day, don’t just approach her out of no where in a general seating area. I’m gonna think you’re trying to sneak my bags so you can put drugs in them.

When I’m getting a Starbucks, or browsing snacks these are appropriate times to say hello, and just be nice! That will make my day. Guaranteed. As opposed to the questionable approach in which I will assume your intentions are to plant drugs on me, or seduction.

Do you agree with the haters? Was I just irritable and therefore misinterpreted the genuinely friendly interactions?


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