I Caught the NYC Bug: My First Visit

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

This past May I made my first trek through the streets of New York City and I had a friend accompany with me. I honestly thought that I would get it all out of my system and that I’d never go back; but now I have caught the NYC bug. I loved the hustle and bustle and all the people everywhere. (Except the tourist stopping every 3 seconds to take a picture! Come on guys you’re really slowing the rest of us down!)

This was a work trip – so it was very affordable. However, our extra night in our downtown Manhattan hotel was over 500 dollars… yikes. If I go back without someone footing part of the bill I definitely wont be staying at the same hotel.

However, our hotel was in a perfect location and we were able to see EVERYTHING in 2 days. People said it couldn’t be done, but we did it! However we didn’t do all of the activities, so there’s always that.

How you say? Citi Bikes – of course!

Citi Bikes

Citi Bikes

So I know exactly what you’re thinking. “You road a bike in downtown Manhattan… you’re lucky to be alive.”  Well folks – let me counter all stereotypes of NYC: THE TAXI DRIVERS WERE SO NICE! They would let me into the lane and  move so that I could get around them. And honestly it was WAY faster than taking a cab, because we could weave in and out of them. And we got to see a lot more of the real city by doing this. Now most roads have designated bike lanes but we took our bikes on streets without lanes and felt totally safe! They cost about $10 USD for 24 hours and in my opinion it was money well spent. The catch is you can only have a bike for 30 minutes, so at about 25 minutes you need to find a station dock your bike, and then take it again for a fresh 30 minutes.

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Beautiful Central Park

It’s almost like I’ve been to Central Park before, seeing all of the places that have been captured in the movies brings a familiarity. I could picture Jennifer Lopez walking down this path in “Maid in Manhattan.” Now there weren’t any bike docks after Central Park so we had to walk through the park, but it was very enjoyable and I’d do it again.

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

I love bridges | Central Park

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Beautiful Character | Central Park

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Grand Central Station

Grand Central Station was a very pleasant surprise. I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much – and honestly wasn’t even really planning to go there. We were out for a walk and kind of ended up there. It was shockingly beautiful – marble everywhere… no camera can do it justice.

Now my favorite surprise – and I actually have no photos was the 9-11 memorial site. I honestly didn’t really care to go, but my travel buddy was interested so we went. I CRIED THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE THERE. It’s a beautiful memorial, and so unique. You can find some pictures on their website.  It’s was so crazy. I didn’t think it would affect me since I personally didn’t know anyone who lost someone in the tragedy; but seeing everyone’s names in the memorial got to me – especially when I read a woman with the same name as me and her unborn child were lost that day. (Seriously tearing up right now just thinking about it!) If you go to New York you absolutely have to stop at the memorial, I insist.

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy


We didn’t actually tour the exhibits at the MET, but we did check out the gift shop – do people really pay $100 for a purse that says MET all over it?

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Tom’s Restaurant | Seinfeld Restaurant

The Seinfeld Restaurant was actually a set, only the exterior was filmed at Tom’s. We had lunch here, it was pretty good, and very busy. I would have assumed a lot of tourists, but it was actually full of locals. People who didn’t even read the menu, they cam in sat down and order the grilled cheese. OH PS. Cash only.

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Law and Order Courthouses

The New York Court House: AMAZING! I couldn’t get enough of the old architecture. Why don’t we make beautiful buildings like these anymore? So much detail, so much beauty! I could just picture Olivia Benson and Rafael Barba walking down these steps after a great victory!

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

My First View of the Brooklyn Bridge

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Brooklyn Bridge | Walking Paths

My Trip to NYC | leave it to Joy

Brooklyn Bridge | Worst Selfie Ever

The Brooklyn Bridge is cool, ITS SO LONG! We took our citi bikes and road across and for the first half had to walk them, its all up hill! So exhausting on my little legs! Pretty cool experience, however once we got to Brooklyn it was rather uneventful. We bought ice cream sandwiches at a convenience store and turned around.

In summary:

  • Status of Liberty – ok
  • 9-11 Memorial – amazing
  • Grand Central Station – amazing
  • Central Park – beautiful
  • Citi Bikes – amazing
  • the architecture – amazing

Do you guys think I missed out on anything amazing? Do you think I should go back to better experience something? Let me know what you think!


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