What is the Desired Outcome?! Men are idiots. Part III

Men are Idiots | leave it to Joy

In case you missed Part I and II: I have most of the features that society typically associates with beauty, and I am aware of it. I’m petite, with long hair, symmetrical facial features, a mostly clear complexion and I’m generally friendly.

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Note: the following is factual and has happened to me exactly as depicted below.

Part III: This was about 2 winters ago,This did not happen at the same airport as Part I and Part II, it was in down town Edmonton, Alberta Canada. I was walking to the gym from the office (about two blocks) and I notice two guys several feet ahead of me, one very obviously staring at me. As I get closer, he does not advert his gaze. Distaste swelled in my soul.

As I approach him I let out a “ugh – guys come on… how rude” under my breath. To which I get a rather confusing rebuttal: “OH girl, you have to know! YOU HAVE TO KNOW!”  What?! Also – it was winter. I was wearing a long coat and boots. There was very little to observe.

Did he only say something because I told him he was being rude?

What did he expect to happen?! Maybe he didn’t expect anything, but because I caught him he was trying to justify his rudeness. Or maybe men are just stupid. I think that one.


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