What is the Desired Outcome?! Men are idiots. Part II

Men are Idiots | leave it to Joy

In case you missed Part I: I have most of the features that society typically associates with beauty, and I am aware of it. I’m petite, with long hair, symmetrical facial features, a mostly clear complexion and I’m generally friendly.  You can read the full post here: Men are Idiots Part I 

Note: the following is factual and has happened to me exactly as depicted below.

Part II: I had an early flight out of a the Raleigh Durham airport in North Carolina – yes the same airport as Part I. I am sitting at a gate intently working away at my day job on my laptop and an airport employee walks up to me and begins to speak to me: “Excuse me ma’am,” I look up making eye contact “I just have to tell you. You are so beautiful.” I respond with a quick “Thank you” and out of fear return my eyes to my laptop.

After he leaves I look around me to see if anyone else just saw that… NO ONE SEEMS TO THINK IT WAS WEIRD! I don’t even think that I looked that great, I was up at like 3 AM and I didn’t take time to do my hair or anything.

What is the desired out come here? Do you want me to gush and give you my international phone number? What about a “oh, I’m married…look at my fancy wedding ring here…”??

I don’t think it was the same guy as part one, but if it was would that make it better? would it be less idiotic if it was the same guy trying to “get some” a second time. I don’t think so… agh – Men so dumb.


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