What is the Desired Outcome?! Men are idiots. Part I

Men are Idiots | leave it to Joy

I have most of the features that society typically associates with beauty, and I am aware of it. I’m petite, with long hair, symmetrical facial features, a mostly clear complexion and I’m generally friendly.

BUT let’s consider here HOW STUPID CAN MEN BE?

Note: the following is factual and has happened to me exactly as depicted below.

Part I: This happened about a year ago, an afternoon flight out of Raleigh North Carolina. I was just exiting a convenience store where I had purchased a bottle of water, fumbling with a receipt my purchases and my luggage. TWO men appeared to be approaching me, but who knows maybe they are just walking past me. An airport employee gets to me first, “Excuse me ma’am” I make eye contact “you have the most beautiful eyes.” To which I respond with a quiet confused “thank you.” At this point the second guy joins us, “Joy? It’s Samuel we met briefly at the office this week,” relief washes over me… and we depart to chat work before our flights depart.

Airport guy, what is the game plan here? What is the desired response? Is this just a southern thing? Are you hoping to “get some” while I wait for my flight? Does that work? Tell me what you think.

Now, I’m getting to the age where hearing that I “still got it” does feel good, because it is getting rare. I’m no longer flocking the clubs, where a free beverage translates to “you’re hot.” And I know my husband is biased – he has to think I still got it, but I am not desperate for compliments… Does that work? Ladies – would that do it for you?


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