DIY Classroom Throw Cushions $14 CAD ea

DIY Classroom Throw Cushions | leave it to Joy


One Saturday afternoon I got a random text message from my sister-in-law “would you be interested in helping me make pillow cases for some throw cushions?” To which I responded with a “OF COURSE!!” I love to sew but I need a little help getting started. She is a new teacher, and looking for a ways to make her budget stretch and still make the classroom a fun place for the kids.

When I make things like this for other people I have them get all the supplies and then we whip it up. She brought the cushions and fabric and I supplied the machine, experience, and thread. Oh! and I also supplied the tea.

Use used Ikea cushions and Ikea fabric. The fabric was heavy duty upholstery fabric so it should withstand children. The fabrics we used were between 6 and 8 dollars a meter, but we did have some leftovers which can totally be used for another project. Or maybe make two more pillows by combining the remnants.


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