DIY Stick Frame Art for $20 CAD

DIY Stick Frame Art for $20 CAD

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This DIY was inspired by Curbly’s Easy Framed Branches.

I couldn’t get this pin out of my head, I had to do this DIY. I looked for cheap frames I could re-purpose for several months, I didn’t want to spend too much and so was avoiding buying something brand new. I was looking at second hand stores, liquidation stores and in my mother’s basement without luck. I found this gem at Michael’s on super clearance for $15.00 CAD…. FIFTEEN DOLLARS.

I went for a walk in a park and collected a bunch of dead branches – for free. I spray painted them black, with the exception of a single one I painted yellow. I didn’t remove the bark but I wish I had (it’s showing through the paint in some spots, but hey it’s rustic).

I used a basic crafting glue gun to secure my branches into the frame. Which means I needed to have my sticks all fit within the frame lip, so I measured and cut each stick to its desired length. I did not want to be too rigid about the placement and I like the way it came out. Pretty nice wall art for $20!

Hope you get inspired by my little DIY.

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