DIY Farmhouse Console Table for $55 CAD

DIY Farmhouse Console Table for $55 CAD


DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to Joy

Inspired by Shanty-2-Chic Farmhouse Pedestal Table

I am so excited to show you my first wood working project. I had a steep learning curve to overcome.

I decided to use pine for several reasons.

  1. I think the knots look rustic and beautiful.
  2. It’s affordable. (I love that when my friend’s kids come over I can sincerely say that I’m not concerned with how they treat the table.)
  3. It’s easily accessible.

The first thing I did was build the table top. I bought about 9 or 10 2x2s and I started connecting them. I knew I wanted a rustic country look and I selected pieces based on unique knots and other patterns.

 DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to Joy

The next thing I did was start on the pedestal legs. I built the base again with wood glue and wood screws and then cut the angle after they were glued together. This way I was able to ensure that my cuts were identical. I definitely cheated and did this for several cuts. For the height we mirrored our counter height so we could use our stools at the console table if we wanted to eat there.

DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to Joy


*tip* Ensure your legs are all going to be the same length by skipping measuring and cut everything together. Either clap the pieces together and cut them in one swoop, or use a scrap piece of wood as a guide to ensure you are getting the same cut on each piece. It is essential that your legs are all the same length if one is slightly off you will end up with a rocky table.

DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to JoyFinishing:

This project was finished with MinWax Jocoabean oil based stain (set for 15 minutes). Since we selected an oil based stain we also needed an oil based wood conditioner and finish. These three tubs cost us about 50$ at our Saskatoon Home Depot but we are confident that we will also be able to use these for 4 or 5 other projects. Conditioning your wood is important if it is not conditioned it will look uneven, especially in the dry areas (edges and corners). After a piece has been conditioned let it sit for 5 minutes and then wipe off the excess conditioner and get ready to stain. A painting professional told me you don’t have to condition with a conditioner that you could use water and it will work just as good. Staining with oil based products is easy and should not give you anxiety. It is not essential that your wood has an even coat of stain or if you drip some, just spread it out best you can.

*note* the ends of my boards the ‘angles’ will become almost black. They are so porous that they just suck in all the stain. Stain those last let them sit for only 2 minutes or so and then wipe off the excess. They will still be very dark.

The finish is the most important part, this is what prevents water rings and food stains. Apply a thin coat of finish, let it dry overnight. Sand the whole thing with a 220 or higher grit stand paper – DO NOT use a power sander. I put my final coat of finish on the pedestals and the beam. I did several other coats on the table top. I just wanted to ensure that it’s well protected.




After the beam and pedestals were dry we assembled them with the nuggets in place. The nuggets  are wood glued in place and taped, and that stuff is strong – they are not going anywhere. The table top was screwed in place IN the house. Our garage has slanted floors and we did not want the table to replicate that once we had it on level ground. This is also good to keep in mind too; perhaps the opposite is true and the floors where you want your table to go may be slightly crooked.

DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to Joy DIY Farmhouse Console Table | leave it to Joy

Hope you like my project – and I hope it inspires you. – Joy

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